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Comfort foods: show me them


omething I enjoy doing (mostly thinking about, finances being what they are these days, though that is slowly changing) is what most chefs enjoy: take something classic or well-known, and make it my own. Recently I’ve been thinking about comfort foods, and how interesting it would be to take comfort foods and reimagine them.

Therefore… my question: let me ask you it. To my readers (all three of you), what are your favourite comfort foods? Please be sure to let me know why they are comforting to you, especially in terms of physical sensation and aroma.


fantasy menu

For a recent class assignment, I had to come up with a banquet menu. Being a complete nerd about a certain lady with a predilection for metal hats, and given the proximity of our scheduled presentation date to a rather important anniversary, I decided to play with the menu from 1953.

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Like many people, I love caramel corn. Like some people, I find it cloyingly sweet, and came up with an earthier, less overly-sweet version.

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Cooking for my sister

So my sister is having a housewarming next week, and I’m catering it. Menu after the jump.

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Caesar salad amuse-bouche

So I was thinking the other day about how we construct Caesar salad, and how neat it would be to turn it into a flavour-packed amuse-bouche instead of a course or side dish unto itself.

Here’s how I would do it:

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Cooking for Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson is a lovely lady in my classes who I have become fast friends with. She’s a bit older than me, and knows her stuff when it comes to food.

Just spent the weekend at her place cooking a wide variety of fabulous things. Friday night I got to be in charge (and she’s awesome, but she freely admits she has control issues, so there had to be some bullying to keep her sitting down and not interfering), and since she was buying the ingredients I said ‘Pick a protein and a couple other ingredients, and I’ll come up with something.’

So I made:

Bullet Roasted quail stuffed with a duxelle
Bullet Strigoli (scroll down a bit) dressed with parsley oilive oil and parsley
Bullet Plain green salad (your standard spring mix) with a balsamic vinaigrette

Recipes, as the kids say, after the jump.

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