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So I was thinking the other day about how we construct Caesar salad, and how neat it would be to turn it into a flavour-packed amuse-bouche instead of a course or side dish unto itself.

Here’s how I would do it:



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Arancini are basically rice balls stuffed with things, mostly originating from Sicily. Here’s my favourite way to do them.

First, you need to make some mushroom risotto (how convenient, a recipe). You will have leftovers. Chill the leftover risotto overnight in the fridge.

The next day, form the risotto into approx 1.5-2inch balls around — well around whatever you like, really. My favourite is using small chunks of proper mozzarella, but you could do a compound butter (like Chicken Kiev), or a tomato sauce (which is one of the traditional ways), or a duxelle to max out the mushroominess, or pretty much whatever you like.

Fry the balls in relatively deep oil until golden and delicious. You’re not deep frying, but you’re not just sauteeing either. Think about the amount of oil you’d use for making fried chicken on the stovetop.

Season aggressively with salt when you take them out of the pan. Consume.

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1 baguette (french stick-bread for the philistines out there)
1 wedge of Brie (or camembert… chevre might also work)
2-3 eggs, beaten
fresh orange juice
grand marnier
icing sugar
fresh fruit of your choice, sliced (strawberries and peaches work very well. raspberries are okay. pears would be lovely).

beat up your eggs in a bowl. add ginger, and a splash each of orange juice and grand marnier. set aside.

slice the baguette on a bias. (that means on an angle) so you end up with long slices, roughly 1.5″ thick.

cut a slit lengthwise into the crust of each slice of bread. carefully stuff the bread with brie and whatever fruit you’re using.

soak the bread in the egg mixture, and sautee in butter until golden brown and delicious on all sides. serve with a drizzle of honey and a light sprinkling of icing sugar and cinnamon, or with a fruit compote of some sort.

drink Mimosas (champagne and orange juice) with this. bask in the adoration of your lover.

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